You can never be too flexible. Flexibility is so important and vital for everyone. The best situation is to become flexible early in life and then maintain it. The stiffer a person is the harder it is to become flexible. Flexibility has to be maintained regularly and if possible stretch every day. Being flexible is more important than strength. A flexible muscle is a stronger muscle and can move quick without risk of pulling it. The number one ingredient to getting more flexibility is heat. Get your muscles, tendons warm first then stretch. Cold stretching isn't very beneficial. All flexibility exercises should be done slowly. You gradually go a little more each time. The muscles have to be coaxed to stretch. The muscle has a memory and will always remember how far they have been stretched. Flexibility requires consistent work. Just the act of everyday living tightens up your legs so you have to stay on flexibility. As we age it becomes even harder to stay flexible, but staying flexible keeps your physical abilities and youth. The best time to work on getting more flexible is a hot summer day. Using layers of sweat pants helps greatly. All stretching must be slow and controlled, never bounce to go farther. To say it takes time and patience is an understatement. It can be painful and that's probably the reason most aren't flexible. How bad do you want it? That is the question  
  Dave Brown.